Bouncy Castle FAQs


How safe are your castles?

All our units are fully BS EN 14960 compliant. We provide safety mats that meet the required standard of 1.5 inches deep. Our staff will not leave until they are 100% sure that the unit has been securely pegged or weighted, has sufficient matting and is in full working order.

Visit for exact specification of how our units are manufactured.

All our equipment is / will be annually PIPA or PAT tested.

What kind of ground should a bouncy castle go on?

The castles are best placed on flat grass where they can be pegged down with our foot long pegs.  The castles cannot be placed on hard-standing, gravel or sand. For indoor venues, the castles will be weighted down with sandbags. 

How do I know if the bouncer will fit where I want it?

The easiest way to know this is to measure your intended area, not forgetting to measure the height for indoor bookings or where there are possible overhead obstructions. Remember, there will have to be room for the safety mats. There will also need to be an additional 2m behind the castle to accommodate the blower and tube.

Please make sure that the area for the bouncer has no obstructions of any kind within the space or immediately around. If you are unsure, we can either do a site visit (Retford only, sorry) or alternatively, you can email us a photograph for assessment.

What happens if it’s raining / windy?

If the weather turns inclement before your booking, either strong winds and/or rain, then it would not be advisable to erect the castle outdoors. In this case, so long as the booking is cancelled before we set off, you will be offered the choice of getting back all monies paid or be offered an alternative date for the booking.Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make the cancellation, as the weather is often different from one place to the next and we will not always be in a position to check weather forecasts for your immediate area.In cases where the booking is cancelled on arrival, then the booking fee remains non-refundable.

How will the bouncy castle get into my garden / venue?

The castle will be moved from the delivery vehicle to the site using a two wheeled sack barrow / trolley. The castles are approximately 3ft wide when rolled up for transportation, so any doorway or gate will need to be big enough to allow access. Steps can occasionally be problematic, so a ramp or flat access would be preferred.

How long will the bouncy castle take to put up and take down?

Set up and set down times will vary dependent on a range of conditions including the weather and access. However, each usually averages at approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Is it expensive to keep the blower going all day?

We have been advised by the manufacturers that the blower should not cost more than 4p per hour to run.

What if I want it for more than one day?

We are more than happy to arrange for longer bookings. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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