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Face Painting FAQs


What do your charges cover?

Whilst we are possibly not the cheapest face painters in the area, nor are we the most expensive, but we are sure that our charges reflect the quality of our face painting work.


The charges cover not only our time for attending, but also the travel time either side and the time spent in preparing for your party or event. It also includes the cost of having to replace all the equipment used. 


Finally, the charge includes our insurance, for which we are covered for up to 5million pounds.

What face paints and other equipment do you use?

At present we predominantly use a combination of four professional brands of face and body paint. These are TAG, Cameleon, DFX and Wolfe. We also use a small amount of Snazaroo, the most commonly accessible face paint in this country.


Each of these brands meets the hygiene standards of this country and of their country of origin. They also contain antibacterial agents to reduce the risk of contamination from one face to another.


We support this by ensuring we use plenty of clean water for our brushes and we use a new sponge for every child. After use the sponges are machine washed with non-biological washing powder and the brushes are cleaned thoroughly with antebacterial soap.


Our glitter is all of cosmetic grade and is safe to use on bodies and faces, unlike craft glitters which are too course, usually made of metal and can cause severe irritation to the eyes. 


We also use stencils to add extra detail to our designs. These are also cleaned with antebacterial soap after use. 


Why won't you paint children aged under three?

It is not advisable to face paint children under three years old as they could develop a sensitivity to the ingredients in the paint if it is applied before the skin has finished developing.


Most professional face paint brands state they are not suitable for children under three years old and so any one using it on children under three would not be insured.


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